gravgrip hydraulic variety pack
Hydraulic Variety Pack
Hydraulic Variety Pack

Hydraulic Variety Pack

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GravGrip® is extremely customizable. If GravGrip’s rotation speed does not meet your expectation, the Hydraulic Setting Variety Pack is the right upgrade for you! Each GravGrip® comes equipped with a Stage 2 hydraulic setting. 

The included Stage 2 hydraulic setting is suitable for a large majority of users, but we understand some may want to further fine-tune their GravGrip®. This Variety Pack includes 4 hydraulic settings, Stages 1-4. The Stage 1 hydraulic setting is the most responsive to motion while the Stage 4 hydraulic setting is the least responsive. Purchase our GravGrip® Hydraulic Setting Variety Pack to dial in the exact setting you are looking for.


  • 4 Hydraulic Damper Settings (Stages 1-4)

GravGrip V2: Patented hydraulic leveling system; Durable glass-filled nylon, stainless steel, and aluminum construction; Dimensions: 73 mm x 79 mm x 30 mm; 2.87in x 3.11 in. x 1.18 in; Weight: 69 g (With Action Camera Adapter); 80 g (With Cell Phone Adapter); Made in USA with Domestic and Foreign Components

Extension Pole: High strength aluminum construction; 8” - 29” extendable length; GoPro® compatible mount; EVA foam non-slip hand grip; Adjustable wrist strap; Twist to lock; 1/4"-20 bottom mount (mounts to a tripod or tripod feet); Weight: 170 g; Made in China

Hand Grip: Dimensions: 32 mm (D) x 154 mm (L); 1.25 in. (D) x 6 in. (L); Included wrist strap; EVA foam non-slip hand grip; Made in China

GravGrip® V1, GravGrip® V2

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Miaoxian Ou
Great little product

Works well for the Gopro 11

excellent support

My problem was solved immediately. Very thanks.

Christopher Wooten
Needs heavier duty and labels

The variety pack resistance is a great idea. Unfortunately they all look identical. They should be clearly labeled or color coded so I don’t have to fiddle with them to figure out which is which.
The heaviest rest ace is not heavy enough for an iPhone 14 pro max with a case/cage/anamorphic lens attached. I know I should just get a gimbal but I love the idea of a low tech, analog solution that won’t be hindered by rain, snow, and use in and around water.

Hello Christopher!

Thank you for your review. Unfortunately that setup can be quite heavy for GravGrip V2. The good news, we have something in the works for this type of setup ;). Stay tuned!

Color coding the gears is something we are looking to do as the GravGrip brand continues to grow. We appreciate the feedback!



One of the coolest gadgets that I’ve ever used for the GoPro, it blows me away.

Danny Black



"Is it amazing? Well for what it is, yea, it really really is. I'm really impressed by it. I like it a lot!"

John Knowles



GravGrip helps you get that really unique low angle shot like you’ve never seen before.

Tomasz Nowacki



A really useful tool!"

Luke Edwin


Kind of a Gimbal.
Kind of a JIB.

The worlds first gravity operated hydraulic leveling device for Cell Phone and Action Camera. The perfect mix between a gimbal and a JIB device.

A GoPro and cell phone battery free gimbal jib device.

Film Angles Thought Impossible.

GravGrip levels your camera to capture those epic ultra low and high angle shots. You know, those angles that are extremely difficult, if not impossible to achieve. This GravGrip user said it best: "It's like a magic wand for your camera! I can't help but watch each shot immediately after I take it."

No Batteries.
No Charging.

GravGrip® operates using its patented Hydraulic Leveling System. The perfect travel companion. Ready to film anytime, anywhere.

A GoPro and cell phone battery free gimbal explosive view.
A guy operating a gopro hydraulic leveling mount adapter

Let Gravity do the

GravGrip lets gravity do the work for you. Your camera will auto-level when repositioned. Capturing stunning camera transitions has never been so easy.