Our Story.

GravGrip prototypes were 3D printed


GravGrip took over 3 years of prototyping and design. Once a proper functioning prototype was in hand we launched on Kickstarter, June 2nd of 2020!

GravGrip V1 was funded on Indiegogo crowdfunding


With over 16,000 backers and +1,000,000 USD in funding between all crowdfunding platforms, we pushed forward and brought GravGrip V1 to life!

GravGrip V1 was released in 2020

GravGrip V1.

Bringing our first product to market was no easy task. V1 had received both great and bad feedback. We grew from this and further refined GravGrip!

GravGrip V2.

Using backer feedback we corrected design flaws and focused on V1’s strengths. GravGrip V2 was born and we couldn’t be more excited to share it!

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