Frequently Asked Questions

Never! GravGrip® V2 operates using its patented hydraulic leveling system. No batteries or charging ever!

GravGrip® V2 is compatible with most cell phones and action cameras. Contact with any questions regarding your device.

GravGrip® V2 cannot handle the weight of a DSLR camera. We plan to release a DSLR compatible GravGrip® in the future. Stay tuned!

GravGrip® was not designed to operate with Point and Shoot cameras although some users have found their Point and Shoot camera to work with GravGrip®. We cannot guarenteed or reccomend this use case.

Extreme temperatures may increase (hot) or decrease (cold) the rotation speed of GravGrip®. This change in performance is neglible. If you do notice a performance change to your GravGrip®, adjust the rotation speed by repositioning the camera mount.

Yes! Although we reccomend a thorough fresh water rinse when GravGrip® comes in contact with salt water. Overtime GravGrip’s bearings may see corrosion when exposed to frequent water contact. Contact for replacement bearings (a fee as well as shipping and handling expenses may be required by the customer).

No. The physics in which GravGrip® operate will not properly function when submerged in water.

Optional. The swapable/replaceable hydraulic settings that allow for proper GravGrip® function are set to a specific torque ratio. This torque ratio determines the hydraulic stage (Stage 1-4) you are using in your GravGrip®. Each hydraulic setting maintains approximately 100% strength for ~50,000 full rotations. After ~50,000 rotations a hydraulic setting will operate at ~80% strength. This 20% strength reduction can be accounted for by adjusting GravGrip’s rotation speed (adjusting the camera mount position). Replacing the hydraulic setting in a GravGrip® is never neccessary, but the option is available for those interested.

Absolutely! First check, if the parts needed are not available please contact

GravGrip® utilizes a GoPro® style connection point. GravGrip® will mount to all GoPro® compatible connection points. For best results, we reccomend mounting GravGrip® to our hand grip or extension pole.

75 mm x 80 mm x 30 mm; 2.95 in. x 3.15 in. x 1.18 in.

GravGrip® is extremely durable and constructed of top grade materials such as glass filled nylon (GravGrip’s body), PC/ABS blend (camera adapters), stainless steel (bearings and weight set), and CNC’d aluminum (camera mount).